Personally, I prefer self-reliance to self-regulation

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“I think consumers care less than we think in the moment. They care in the abstract sense,” Kleinberg says.

Whatever you put out there is free for the taking. If you give data to Google and/or Facebook (or Amazon or indeed almost any retard media website [such as the New York Times]), obviously they will sell it (probably simply to the highest bidder) in order to make money (after all: that’s their whole business model)… — and Adam is spot on when he notes that they’ve been doing it for years.

What most of the retard media websites won’t tell you, though, is that 99% of the kids already know this and create bogus profiles. Even adults will “like” stuff on Facebook they don’t actually like in real life. Increasingly this “big data” business will boil down to nothing more than GIGO (essentially just a bunch of BS). Literate people do not click buttons to self-categorize themselves into some sort of industry-sanctioned pigeon-holes.

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